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Jan Leidicke (BVPA / Keystone) – Speech at the Photo Metadata Conference

Jan LeidickeMost stock agencies only use the older IIM standard for IPTC information. They can not properly handle XMP based metadata like IPTC-core.

For historical images you often don’t know exact creation date. But he current date field requires you to specify year, month and day. Then the editor enters a fake month and day just to get past, this is not very good. We need to change the definition of this field to allow less precise dates.

We also lack relevant fields for:
* model release
* type use that are allowed
* With what rights the image was bought
Metadata that are entered with use of controlled vocabularies are easier to translate. It’s also important to enter the information in the correct field. Image buyers expect to find certain information in a specific field independent of image source.

Notes from the first Photo Metadata Conference. This conference was held in Florence, Italy june 7, 2007. It was organized by Cepic, IPTC and IFRA. These are my private notes published to give you some idea of what was discussed. I will later write some articles from the conference and publish those on BLF.se and DigitalFotografen.se, but probably only in Swedish. If there are any demand I might make a short translated version in English. You can find presentations and more information at phmdc.org and cepic.org .

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